Milena-Mercedes May

Milena-Mercedes May

Full Stack Software Developer


Java Ruby on Rails Javascript React Angular Test Driven Development Pair Program- ming Retro- spectives Remote Heroku Circle CI Docker AWS


mindmatters, May 2014 to Present

Worked in different projects as a Full Stack Developer. Applied XP principles like pair programming and test driven development.

Collaborated closely with peer developers and customers. Used feedback techniques and agile retrospectives to improve the way we work continuously.

Assisted in company related tasks like job interviews, sales meetings and improvements of our internal processes.

Drove many changes within the company, including Remote Work and creating the role of a full time Agile Coach.

Created an internal time budgeting tool at a company hackathon to eliminate manual effort and maintained it since with a few other developers.

Wrote blog posts and gave talks on conferences and meetups.

January 2019 to Present

Building a Java and Angular application in a microservice environment with Docker and Kubernetes in a two to three developers team. Introduced Behaviour Driven Development from the start, enabling better Product Owner and Developer collaboration.

June to December 2018

Contributed in maintainance and development of a Ruby on Rails and Backbone/Marionette application hosted with Docker on Linux Servers in a six to seven developers team. Focused on introducing React, building bridges towards the two UX experts and improving communication within the team.

January to May 2018

Started a development support & maintainance team along with another developer. Defined terms and schedules for providing small scale software development for our existing customers who want to scale down.

September to December 2017

Developed a Ruby on Rails and ReactJS application on Heroku for our client along with a freelancer and an usability expert from scratch. Educated our client about being a Product Owner.

October 2016 to August 2017

Contributed to developing a Java Spring and AngularJS application run on Heroku and a Tomcat in production in a two to five developers team. Specifically took part in increasing the test coverage, refactoring towards better expandability and refining and downsizing the requirements with the Product Owner in order to meet deadlines.

January to September 2016

Contributed to developing a Ruby on Rails and Backbone/Marionette application hosted with Docker on Linux Servers in a four to five developers team.

October to December 2015

Conducted regular agile retrospectives for four teams when acting as an Agile Coach temporarily. Been conducting agile retrospectives for teams since then from time to time.

June 2014 to September 2015

Contributed to developing a Ruby on Rails application hosted on a Linux Server in a three to eight developers team.

May 2014

Added features to a small Ruby on Rails project run on Heroku with AWS S3 storage along with another developer in order to learn Ruby on Rails while working on an live application.

Mondia Media, November 2012 to April 2014

Contributed in maintainance and development of the content delivery web services build with Java Spring. Focused on the recommendation API and refactoring the services for better testability. Worked mainly without pairing but with code reviews in a team consisting of four to six developers.

Contributed in maintainance and development of a background Java application. Focused on increasing performance while working closely with the database admin.

ConceptPeople, November 2010 to October 2012

Worked in different projects as a Java Web Developer.

June 2011 to October 2012

Created a custom web application for User Role Management with Java and JSF based on SAP Netweaver and LDAP.

February to May 2011

Contributed to inhouse projects, especially the checkerberry test center which provides JUnit wrappers that enable the developer to quickly set up and run tests on different levels, e.g. acceptance tests or integration tests, by encapsulating database and browser specific test code.

November 2010 to January 2011

Contributed to a Java and JSF web frontend in a scrum team of ten developers, learning agile principles by the way.

University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, September 2007 to August 2010

Earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Computer Science.

Milena-Mercedes May, Fritz-Schade-Weg 9, 21037 Hamburg, Germany